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Three known scammers who are very active in Singapore

The Singapore police seem to have issued an international arrest warrant via interpol against Gabriel Loo Shi Guang, Wesley Michael Barber, Eric Yeo Jin Koon.

These subjects are three known scammers who are very active in singapore.

They are well known to the police for offenses committed against individuals and companies.

They work as a team posing as strangers and let one of them lure a victim, and the others appear shortly thereafter as potential investors promising to finance various projects in the real estate, financial, catering, wellness, etc. sectors.

Their favorite victims are unsuspecting and legitimate entrepreneurs looking for a partner to cover the costs of launching a project, and clients who are looking for legitimate service providers and fund raising or to set up businesses with them.

They are very adept at masquerading as entrepreneurs, expert consultants, investors and lenders, bragging about successful businesses.

Unfortunately there are many people who have lost all their capital and are now forced to live in hardship and in the only hope that justice will take its course as they were defrauded by Gabriel Loo Shi Guang, Wesley Michael Barber, Eric Yeo Jin Koon.

Wesley Michael is also convicted of serious crimes committed in the USA such as: murder and theft. Wesley Michael (also nicknamed Wez Barber) was a director of the Castlewood Group which ran a scam that made investors lose $90 million of their money in a Phuket project.

The Castlewood Group has been on the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s investor alert list since November 2015. He is married to Maddy Barber, who is a radio personality.

Gabriel Loo Shi Guang acts as a company secretary for clients, and then cheats their money or steals their business. He has cheated everyone around him, including business partners, friends and even his ex wife and many girlfriends, and his bad character, womanizing behavior and manipulative ways are known to all business associates and people close to him.

He is involved in helping his Chinese clients to launder money and to do shady business deals under his name as their director and representative and is under investigation by the police for multiple crimes.

He also works with association members to cheat public funds by entering into rigged tenders and bids for projects, and he is now trying to appear as a strong business leader to do B2B deals with a fake resume as he is a failed businessman who even had to borrow money from his wife and girlfriends and had to live out of his office as he had nowhere to live. Gabriel Loo claims to be Managing Director of Aspire Alliance Global in Singapore, still free to perpetrate scams as he awaits final sentences. He is now also the CEO of AINTEL, faking an ability to provide A.I. and services to businessmen and cheating their money.

Eric Yeo Jin Koon is a failed businessman and criminal, even pretending to be the boss of the Wine Bonanza in Singapore and not paying employees their salaries and pensions, and must serve 3 charges from a court sentence issued in 2020 after his conviction.  Eric Yeo was formerly also involved in money laundering cases investigated by the police, and is being sued in court by people he has cheated and stolen from.

He poses as a successful businessman and deal maker, and tries to bring deals to his scammer friends like Gabriel Loo to cheat honest entrepreneurs by promising them things that he cannot deliver. He has been jobless for years as nobody wants to hire him, and can only make money now through his cheating ways.





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